Sunday, June 7, 2015

"I Remember You" Releases Saucy First Poster and Interview

So remember how I was complaining that the first teaser was super boring and lacked any hook?  Well obviously the PR people heard my complaints and decided to release one mega spicy poster.

A poster that is not only sexy, something that I don't always see with from actress Jang NaRa, but also screams "watch me".  It is nice to finally see Seo In Guk playing a role outside of high school and thankfully the age difference does not seem to be an issue with these two when it comes to chemistry.
If you are interested in seeing more of the couples chemistry off screen, check out this cute interview they recently gave.  I love how confident Seo In Guk is and how giggly Jang NaRa gets around him.  Looks like they are both comfortable with each other and hopefully this will transfer over onto the drama.
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  1. they were like..... i got u.... since we gave u nothing.. u might want more... here u go... some spicy sexy mood for ya.... #dies


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