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Orange Marmalade Episode 11 - To Accept, or Not to Accept, That is the Question

Events continue to unfold as Jae Min and Ma Ri become closer (kinda sorta) and a new ship prepares to set sail (sadly, not the bromance ship yet).  So come join me as we chat prejudice, music, and how hot Shi Hoo is (don't look at me that way... it has to be mentioned at least twice a recap).

Remember how we left off with Shi Hoo grabbing Ma Ri into an impromptu hug when he saw Jae Min?  Well that was part of his "make Jae Min jealous" plan.  Shi Hoo described it as --"I threw a rock at him to see his reaction.  Didn't you see his face?"  Regardless of what Jae Min says, his actions indicate that he still has feelings (hidden very deeply) for Ma Ri.
This theory is just solidified when Jae Min finds Ma Ri later and tells her that she needs to be near him from now on.  Not because he likes her, but more of an SOS plan as he puts it.
"I need to confirm that I am not crazy." Jae Min tells Ma Ri to hang out with him til he works out the problems in his head and in turn  he will help her deal with everyone at school.  Huh... that is the big plan?  Sounds to me like you just want to hang out with her and needed an excuse.
Shi Hoo has more invested in the Coexistence program succeeding than just helping out Ma Ri for friendships sake.  If the program succeeds, those vampires that are in maximum detention will be released back into the population (which includes Shi Hoo's parents).  Yay!  I would love for him to have a happy ending as well since we all know he is not going to get the girl.
Jae Min is true to his word and officially takes responsibility for Ma Ri's actions within the class room.  I guess having a deep voiced 17 year old kid say he will keep things from getting out of hand, is all that is needed to keep kdrama mothers from panicking. *Whispers* -- I am pretty sure they got distracted by his extreme underage hotness level.  You have to imagine that it would be hard to think if you actually saw him in person--let alone have him speak.  His voice turns him into the ahjumma whisperer.
100% Hypnotized by Jae Min
Surprisingly, just having Jae Min sit next to her, keeps the mean kids away from Ma Ri.  She is even able to drink her lunch in public without a school wide meltdown.
Nothing more awkward than blood donation day at school when a vampire is in your class.  So what do you do?  Skip class with your amnesiatic love of course.
Poor 2nd lead girl is super depressed when she realizes that Jae Min is still choosing Ma Ri, even knowing she is a vampire.  Jo Ara (I guess she has a pretty easy name so I will use it in the last 2 recaps) leaves school and comes across Shi Hoo playing his guitar on the street corner.  Looks like we are going to get a late drama love line between these two.  Can totally understand why she would fall for him.  Playing guitar is obviously Shi Hoo's natural element. That, and the whole, crazy hot thing.
Shi Hoo tries to bribe Jo Ara into being nicer to Ma Ri since the other girls listen to her.  She thinks back to the locker incident (remember the tomato juice on her clothes) and asks --"Are you by chance..a vampire too?"  Shi Hoo looks deeply into her eyes, grabs her arm and traces her vein --"Your blood vessels look pretty too."-- and then he presses his lips just above her wrist.  Shi Hoo, you charmer you.  He asks her if she is scared, but Jo Ara replies --"Not as much as I thought I would be".  Shi Hoo gazes at her and whispers--"Don't worry, we don't drink human blood."  Awww I like this couple.
It figures that the first memory Jae Min does recover is Ma Ri sucking on his neck.  Unfortunately he doesn't remember the romantic feelings that went with the situation and instead freaks out.  Jae Min yells at Ma Ri to transfer schools and never to come near him again.
We finally get a small guy/guy scene where Shi Hoo pretty much chews out Jae Min for being a jerk and not realizing what he is letting go.  You tell him Shi Hoo (now give your bestie a know you want to........No?  OK, maybe next episode)
Ma Ri takes Jae Min at his word and prepares to transfer schools.  Jae Min is silent and leaves the classroom, heading off to hide in the band room while Ma Ri leaves.  But his subconscious won't leave him alone and all of the memories of Ma Ri, as well as the past reincarnation memories come rushing back.  Finally Jae Min takes action and goes running down the hallways, down the stairs, straight to ........the tree stump?  Hahaha.  Was not expecting that at all.
But there is method to his madness as he digs near the base and finds the box with historic Ma Ri's hair-tie inside. Ma Ri chooses that moment to show up as well, saying that she was just going to say goodbye to the stump and be on her way.  A newly aware Jae Min looks up and says --"It wasn't a fantasy, it was always you.".......and then stares at her meaningfully.  What no kiss?
My Thoughts:
Before I get into my feelings on the episode as a whole, I just wanted to take a quick note that I loved the detail of the blind vampire being with his lost love in this reincarnation.  Such a sweet little add that makes this drama better than your average teen angst tale.
Now on to what I thought about the rest of the episode.  I continue to enjoy the stories of all the various characters.  Not only our OTP, but vamp/human couple, Ma Ri's parents, and our new couple Shi Hoo and Jo Ara. We get snippets of a wide variety of relationships that all require work and acceptance regardless of whether they are the same specie or not.
My one complaint is the lack of ooomph that Jae Min and Ma Ri's relationship in this episode.  It seems that the intensity has disappeared (something I have always loved in both versions of their story) along with Jae Min's memories.  It is almost like his memories are more important for him than Ma Ri.  I am hoping that now that those memories have returned the electric energy will as well.
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