Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy birthday Lee Min Ho and Jung Yong Hwa!

So, technically it is still the 21st where we are, but back in Korea, it's the 22nd of June and the birthday of two of our favorite guys - Lee Min Ho and Jung Yong Hwa.  While normally we here on TCA wait until the day has arrived here in our neck of the woods to wish our favorites a happy birthday, tomorrow is a big review day for us and we don't want these two lovely young men to be overshadowed or lost in the fray.  They deserve a post and a day all their own, so here we go, celebrating it while they celebrate it!

We loved Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers as the spoiled rich brat turned debonair heartthrob, Gu Jun Pyo.  
He was swoon-worthy in Personal Taste as architect Jeon Jin Ho (and who can EVER erase the memory of the "Game Over" kiss from our minds?!?!  One of the best drama kisses in history!).  

Then there was City Hunter.  Oh City Hunter.  The drama that forever sealed him as Lee Min HoTTie!  At least for this ahjumma  noona.  

Jung Yong Hwa captured our hearts and ears as poor, poor Shin Woo in You're Beautiful.  Sweet Shin Woo who can't get the girl despite what has to be the cutest stalker date ever.  The ultimate example of "nice guys finish second".  Shin Woo will always be synonymous with the 2nd male lead character who should have gotten the girl (sorry Jang Geun Suk - but it's true.  I still love you though.  No hard feelings?).  I felt so bad for Shin Woo that I watched Heartstrings just to see Jung Yong Hwa's character finally get the girl and mend my broken, sympathetic heart.

While watching Heartstrings, I, just like Unnie, fell in love with Yong Hwa's beautiful, crooning voice.  As the leader, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of real-life band, CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa has shown that he is multi-talented and can do whatever he sets his sights on, whether it be capturing our hearts as a drama star or performing his own unique music as a musician.

Or to hear it all, visit their official You Tube channel.

So, to two of our favorite guys, we wish a very happy 23rd and 25th birthday!  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our entertainment!  We look forward to many more years spent ogling drooling over enjoying your entertaining offerings.

Saeng-il chuka hamnida!  Lee Min Ho and Jung Yong Hwa fighting!
생일 축하합니다!

Dongsaeng and Unnie

{P.S.  In case you missed it the first time around, Unnie did a little write up of both of these guys in her "Oppa Krazy" post.  She also featured CNBlue and Jung Yong Hwa in her very first TCA post here.  You can see that she is obviously a devoted fan!  Even I, Dongsaeng, have jumped on the fandom train in the past as witnessed here in a post originally done on my personal private blog where I talk about City Hunter to a bunch of people that I love but who couldn't care less about Lee Min Ho or his amazing talents.  Boy!  Are they ever missing out!}


  1. Thank you Dongsaeng for remembering our guys! They are indeed 2 of our absolute favorites. The joy that both have provided in their own respective ways is uncalculable. Thank you Jung Yong Hwa-ssi & Lee Min Ho-ssi for your talent & your yumminess. -_- You both make this Noona's heart SO happy. Wishing you both the very happiest of Birthdays & sending you all our love & well wishes for another successful, happy, healthy year.

    Saeng-il chuka hamnida!
    {{생일 축하합니다!}}

    Noona (Unnie) >_<

  2. My sister-in-law is fortunate enough to share her birthday with these two scrumdidiliumpscious boys. Too bad she doesn't know or care. I wish I shared a birthday with a yummy Korean idol or two. To Trisha though I also wish a happy birthday and congrats on being born on the same day as these two drool-worthy young men, you lucky-ducky you! ^.^


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