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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Musings & VoKabulary Lessons

YES MY WWU is going LIVE earlier than normal.  Almost a whole day earlier!!  You'll find out why soon...

This is going to be a short WWU this week AddiKts.  So many interesting things are happening around this here blog, don't you think?  Oh wait!!  You haven't heard yet.  I forgot!!  THAT post will go LIVE in a few more hours.  {{How's that for foreshadowing eh?}}

"You'll just have to waaaiiit."  >:)
{{said in my best singsong voice}}

Hmmm...what shall I talk about today?  Oooh!!  I know how about the fact that both Dongsaeng & myself each decided to open up new Facebook Profiles, so that you guys could "Friend" us if you wanted to?
{{We didn't do this  just because we want more friends btw.  Chincha!!}}  I had noticed that I had been getting quite a few friend requests from people I didn't actually know but no one was telling me how they knew me.  This made me somewhat nervous.  If I don't know you or know that you are an AddiKt like me, then why would I accept your friend request?  You could be nuts!  And that is saying something coming from a person like me. ;)

Plus, I noticed, I had a quite a few unknown persons as 'subscribers' to my FB posts, which totally cracked me up.  The mere fact that I, boring uninteresting me, mother of 4, had subscriber's to my boring FB posts?!  Who really wanted to know that my son was throwing up over Memorial Day weekend??  Exciting stuff that is, right?  {{lol}}  So I thought, IF you are an addiKted reader of this most Awesome Blog & you want to follow my posts on FB, or if you want to send another Friend Request, you can do it here.  {Dongsaeng's new profile is here.}That way I can see who is "trolling" & who is fascinated by my effervescent self. {^-^}  Friend Request Away AddiKts!  But please remember to tell me that you are a TCA reader, so I know you aren't a weirdo or a stalker.   ;)  That's totally my job!

So there's that.  Hmmm...let's see.  Ooh who else is excited that 2NE1 is about to come out with a new album?  I am so excited about this.  And the teaser posters & MV teaser trailers sound really good.  I say "sound" because they are still pics of each 2NE1 member alone & just a clip of their section of the new song.

Here I'll show you...

Teaser Poster for 2NE1:
Does NOT belong to us...Thank you YG family FB page.  

Dara's Teaaser:

This also is NOT property of TCA but of YG FB page.

They're also embarking on their first world tour & will be in LA later this summer.  Very cool.  I just wish I could afford to see both Big Bang AND 2NE1, Live in concert, in the same year.  Anybody want to fly me out & put me up for the 2NE1 concert in LA?  I promise to come w/ lots of luggage & be a total nuisance while staying in your house.  You know I can clog your toilet, leave dirty dishes everywhere & rent a bunch of movies on your PS3 or cable provider?!?!  Anybody?  WHAT?!?!  NO takers on that offer at all?!?!  Sigh.  Guess it isn't meant to be then.  {{sad face}}  It's so hard being both a BlackJack AND a VIP!!  (those are the names of the followers of 2NE1 & BigBang for the newbies)

I was quite surprised that CA agreed to the Big Bang concert to begin with.  So, I didn't dare ask if I could fly across country twice in one year for 2 K-Pop concerts!!  But I think he feels sorry for me.  I haven't been home to see my family/friends in AZ in 2 1/2 years & I haven't had a vacation by myself in over 15 years.  The last time was before I had kids.  Everywhere I've gone, they've gone.  I think my poor pathetic sad face finally softened his heart.  What does seeing family & friends in AZ have to do w/ BB?  I'll be flying to AZ, where I will visit & have fun & then Dongsaeng & I are road tripping it to Cali.  Squuuuuueeeee!!!!  So super excited.  Now if only...


YG Why you playin' me like this?!?!  

{{Bienhaeyo, YG, I didn't mean to yell at you like that.  For loosing my cool?  Jongmal Bienhaeyo.}}     

Sigh.  Now that I'm perfectly cool & rational again...

Oh that's right!  I was going to help our newbies out with a little voKab lesson in this post.


So some of the more common phrases they may hear & not understand...

{{cos I'm so fluent in Korean, NOT!}}

Okay so..

Yah = HEY!!
chogi = Excuse me
bienhae = sorry
bienhaeyo = more formal sorry
Anyeong = hello
chincha = really, seriously
jongmal = really, a lot, very
Gamsahbnida/ Komowayo = Thank you
sarang = love
saranghae = love for your significant other
saranghaeyo = love to your parents
saranghabnida = love your friends
chingu = friends
jalja = sleep well, goodnight
Ottoke? = what do I do?
Chukae = Congratulations
Umma/Omoni = Mom/Mother
Oba/Abuji = Dad/Father
Halmoni = grandmother
Harabuji = grandfather
Oroshin = Elder
Ahjumma = you had better already know this one AddiKts. ;)
Ahjussi = same as Ahjumma but for a man.

In this post I already covered: Oppa, Noona, Unnie, Dongsaeng, Hyung...

And last but not least...

Daebak! = Awesome, Big Hit, it's said when something surprising happens or is said.  Although, I have also heard it used like our own "Awesome" is sometimes used, in a sarcastic not friendly way.  And it's pronounced, "Day-Bok"

That covers today's lesson.  These are the most common phrases you'll hear, especially in our fabulous KDramas.

Oh & and one more exciting thing, for me, is that they have announced the female lead in Kim Hyun Joong's new KDrama, which starts filming July 10th!!!  SQUUEEEEEEE!!!!

His new female lead will be.....
None other than Jung Yumi, who we last saw as the EVIL Se Na in Rooftop Prince.  How awesome!!  I cannot wait to see how she does as the innocent girl next door this time.  If she is anywhere as good as she was in RTP she'll be spectacular!!  Chukae Jung Yumi!!  Hwaiting!!

And in that same vein here is a City Conquest poster...
Isn't my Hyun-y yummy looking?!?!
I CANNOT wait for this drama to start!!

AND just because this here is MY post, I am going to throw in another picture of Kim Hyun Joong.


Duh!!  Why Not?!?!  Plus, it's my post & I'm one of the main creators, so I can do almost anything I want to & you guys will just have to deal with that!

{{Yeah, like looking at pictures of Kim Hyun Joong is so terrible, right?!?!}}

Can't you just hear him asking, "Do you Like That"?
{{That's a pun because of his song called, "Do you like that" from his "Lucky" Album.  Get it?  Oh whatever!! He's hott!!!}}



There you go AddiKts.  That pretty much covers my WWU for this week.  Check back for our big GIVEAWAY Post Announcement, w rules as to how you can get, whatever the heck it is we're giving away.  I wanted it to be really cool, you know like, an old used bike, that has flat tires. But "NOOOO!!!"  Dongsaeng was adamant, it had to be something you'd actually want.  Whatever!

I think today I will leave you with an incredibly cute moment of JYJ on stage.

Chincha!! I LOVED this when I found it on the JYJ Official FB pg this morning.

"Puing, Puing!!"  So incredibly cute!!

Sigh!!  These incredibly sexy men just melted my heart.

Saranghae Jaejoong, Micky & Junsu!  Jongmal Saranghae!!
{{but not as much as I saranghae Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, well Junsu is pretty close, rowr Xiah!!}}

Oh I totally forgot!!

Did you guys get a chance to see the new MV from SuperJunior???

Are you Sexy, Free & Single & Ready to Bingo too?!?!

You have to hear Dongsaeng talk about this one!  Seriously so funny!!  I want her to review it just so I can laugh myself silly!  :)  Who else would like Dongsaeng to review this MV?

Until next week's WWU AddiKts...


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  1. Omo! Omo! Omo! DYING at the puing puing! Adorable! I heart those 3, especially that one, so very much!

    Great post there Unnie! Yes, you do need a KHJ intervention but I don't know of anyone willing to take care of that for you. We all enjoy being your enablers too much. Plus it means really cute pictures for us, so...whatcha gon' do?

    Can you believe that the giveaway is almost here??? It's ready and just waiting to post... Oh yes it is. I'm trying to wait until midnight to be official, but I am getting mighty sleepy you know...don't know if I can wait that long. Guess we'll just see what happens.......


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