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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 11

How many out there, flash back to their youth & think they were all that & a bag of chips?!?!

Raise your hands.  Chincha I want to know...  {{How many of you actually raised your hands just now??? LOL }}

Now, how many of you remember it just a little bit different, than it might have been, or how many of you forget that it was a LONG, L O N G time ago, & therefore don't think that maybe, what you used to be able to pull off, you no longer can?  Yeah it never happens to me either.

{{WARNING:  You all might want to step back before the lightning strikes!!}}

Or just keep reading ahead & enjoying the moments of humiliation for our favorite Gentlemen.  

{{giggle chincha, so funny}}

As you can tell by my extraordinarily witty lead in picture this week's opening flashback was hysterical.

The guys have decided to go camping.  Only they neglected to give out assignments to each guy, to help coordinate who would bring what for the camp out.  Including food.  Was anybody reminded at this point of a certain Korean Variety Show?  All that was missing was Kang Ho Dong & the Dimple & a nice game of Kai Bai Bo.

So the men arrive & begin setting up the tent.  Only after Yoon gets it set up he realizes he didn't use all the parts.  What does he do?   He sticks them back into the bag & throws the bag inside the tent, so no one will notice.  Then they begin to unpack the boxes of food.  Only one thing was missing.  Food.  Every single gentleman brought liquor.
Ottoke???  What do we do now???

The only thing they can do of course.  If you said, pack up & head home OR if you said drive really quick to the store you were so wrong!  That's what a mature, sensible, intelligent person {{in other words... a woman}} would do.  These guys, under Jeong Rok's leadership decide its time to turn on the charm & flirt w/ the pretty girls, the ones who remembered to bring food.  Only they're too late.  Turns out that our 40 somethings are behind the 20 somethings in that intelligent decision.  The young'uns traded some of their liquor for food with the pretty girls already...

This means that flirting is out.  They need that food & they'll be darned if they are going to be shown up by the 20 somethings.  It's at this point that Do Jin steps up, cockily I might add.  He's known for being an awesome basketball player...or the way he put it...  "People in the know, know that my name used to be synonymous with basketball."  Followed by the Do Jin smirk of "smirkiness".

{{Like that?!?!  I just made that up.  People in the know, know that my name is synonymous w/ crappy writing.  <followed by Unnie's self satisfied smirk here>  That's right, that's how I do it AddiKts!!}}

So there is a basketball face off.  The best part, other than the 40 somethings getting stomped, for me was the warm up.  As our brave, yet slightly delusional, heroes face off against the 20 somethings, Do Jin, Yoon & Tae San start dancing around & jumping & making grunting sounds to try & intimidate their foes.  I was screeching with laughter at their expressions & posturing.  It was truly awesome manly dumba$$ behavior to witness.  Raise your hands if you were rolling on the floor laughing out loud literally.

{{Okay how many of you actually raised your hands again?!?  LOL Silly AddiKts.  I can't see you, you know that, right?!?!}}

Anyway the big game went on & the 40 somethings were soundly trampled by the 20 somethings.  And what did they get for their trouble?  Their tent collapsed & they had no liquor AND no food.  Hence the funny picture above.

A TCA Moment:

Unnie's shout out to Jang Dong Gun, Kim Su Ro, Kim Min Jong!!!  You guys are my heroes for being so cool as to allow yourselves to be thoroughly trampled by the young'uns.  Thank you for the comedic genius that was this last week's flashback.  I think you guys are uber sexy for being willing to look foolish.  Being so secure in your coolness is what makes you so cool & sexy.  You rock!  This ahjumma is loving your show & so grateful for the sneak peek into the not so secret lives of men.  I Love to laugh & you provided me with so much laughter, my husband is a little bit jealous of each of you.  Your drama has headed for 1st place in my favorite dramas list.  Thank you!

Okay AddiKts thank you being so patient with me.  I had to say it & it had to be said.  Now, onto the recap/review.

We opened w/ a face mask covered Jeong Rok, contemplating his meeting with Eun Hui.  Finally we get to see what that was all about.  After some casual conversing she informs him that her son is in Korea that she has cut off his money & that he may come & look up the guys because he took that picture of them before he left.  And that Jeong Rok should tell her if he sees her son.  Oh and to please keep all this on the DL from the other guys.  She then tells him he was her favorite, rolling my eyes here that he actually believed her.  

Then we get that delicious scene.  Yi Soo eyes closed, lips slightly puckered, pressed very close to the cafe window in front of sexy yummy Do Jin Oppa, who is doing that intense staring deep into her eyes, thing that he does SO well & I heart SO much.  {{Jang Dong Gun-ssi, if your wife ever leaves you, don't panic, I will more than happily console you, chincha!  Just an FYI}}  

He stares at her for a few breathtaking seconds & then he walks outside to her.  And eventually we get a so-so kiss followed up a couple minutes later by a better kiss...

You know how I like the SWAK moments.  

Followed by Yi Soo telling him all the moments that stirred her heart.  Like seeing her picture in his wallet.  Yeah that would have done me in too.

They end up back at her place just as Maehri has arrived.  She needs her teacher, being in love with Yoon & being rejected left & right is wearing on her temper & her patience with all the happy couples she surrounded by.  Especially by her brother & Se Ra.  Which yeah, I'm kind of on board for that one too.  Although I enjoy the humor they inject, watching them be all kissy face kind of grosses me out.  Sorry Se Ra & Tae San but it's true.

The next day Yi Soo & Do Jin meet for lunch right near her school, he wants to let her students know that their pretty teacher has a man.  That she is spoken for & its very sweet the way all the students are ooohing & ahhhing during their lunch together.  And how all she has to is stand up & yell at them & they calm down but Do Jin sits there in all his smirkiness glory.  Loving that she is embarrassed & that all the guys now know he is the man in her life.

Typically I don't go for male possessiveness, but in Korean dramas I find it's quite the opposite of ridiculous.  And I oftentimes find myself wishing CA were that way.  Of course once again, if he tried it I'd reduce him to ashes for even trying it, it's temporary K Drama hypnotism.  Once the drama is over I find my sense of female empowerment has returned.  Sigh.  I could never be one of those hesitant quiet women in my dramas.  I have a mind & I speak it quite often & quite loudly.  Guess I'll just have to keep CA & not look for his Korean replacement. {{Wink giggle}}

During this lunch we also find out that Do Jin wants Yi Soo to have a one sided love for him, like he did for her & like she did for Tae San.  He tells her all the different things he wants her to do for him.  There are 7 things you have to do to have a one sided love it seems...  I won't do the whole list but he starts naming off the things he did, like ramming his car into another in a fit of jealousy, or be hurt when they don't answer your calls & texts, showing up unexpectedly at his office or home & surprise him,

Then we have another prime example of Yoon saying one thing & wanting another.  He goes into the cafe & orders 2 drinks, completely ignoring Maehri.  Except when her back is turned, of course.  Then he can't stop staring at her.  Once he leaves the cafe, my suspicions were confirmed, as he gave away both drinks to someone he works with, who had never asked for the drinks to begin with.  When asked why he ordered two drinks he didn't actually want, he says, "one would take too short & three would be sneaky.  That's why  it's two."  In other words I had to order two, or she would have known I was in there only to see her, so two was the perfect number to hide my real intentions.

Later at Jeong Rok's bar Yoon asks him if he remembers a boy looking for Maehri at the cafe.  Jeong Rok remembers him but before they could get into why Yoon was so curious about the boy the other gentlemen show up.  Tae San is having troubles w/ Se Ra, still.  He wants to get married but she refuses.  Then a man shows up.  Tae San recognizes him, but it takes a lot of crazy weird looks & hiding behind Jeong Rok before they all figure out why Tae San is so uncomfortable.  His name is familiar & then they flashback to one night in their favorite restaurant when an incredibly beautiful young girl walked in & after introductions she asks them...
Remember this scene, when they ran, like cowards from the room when they realized they were hitting on the daughter of a college friend.  

Yeah they just realized its the same college friend & that his daughter is the one they were hitting on.  

And what do they do when they realize who he is & who is his daughter is??

Yup they run....again.  Such upstanding men!

After this show of bravery we get to see Yi Soo receive a text message from Do Jin that makes her smile.  Its the list of all the things he wants her to do to prove she has a one sided love affair for him.  She then glances down tot he laundry she's very neatly folding & realizes that her underwear is insufficient now that she's got a boyfriend.  Her undies were very cute but {{seriously who folds their underwear THAT neatly?  Well, obviously now you all know my undies drawer is not neat & organized}} when a girl starts dating she wants her undies to be more than cute or serviceable.  Every girl envisions sexy lingerie, not cute undies.  At least until she gets married, then she just doesn't care anymore.  Okay that's not true, even us old ahjummas like to have pretty undies.  We're still girls & still have girlie tendencies.

Se Ra notices Yi Soo looking at her underwear & reads Yi Soo's expression correctly that her undies no longer feel good enough.  So it's time for a little shopping.  Not just shopping but each time one of the girls pulls out an underwear set, she starts singing.  Eventually each woman gets her turn to sing a song for underwear.  It was really nice, & honestly I think it was the first time as I think back that we got to see the friendship between the two women.  It was sweet, cute & fun.  I really enjoyed watching these two just being women out shopping & having fun, no drama, no fighting, backstabbing, just friendship.  Way to go Se Ra & Yi Soo.
Even after they were done shopping they walked down the street singing & dancing.

Back to drama now.  Yoon is hanging up laundry too.  As he is putting away laundry he takes out Maehri's birthday present, the handmade bag she made him.  It really is a nice bag.  Yoon is so conflicted he wants to see her but she is obviously so too young for him, even emotionally, after her mental breakdowns etc...  But he can't stop thinking about her.  So he starts to text her "this is the only way we can communicate..." but he deletes it & opts instead for a brief phone call.  He asks her to meet him.  They need to talk.

He talks to her about her dreams, to make bags.  Her schooling etc...  He tells her I haven't treated you like a 24 year old, so he starts grilling her as an older person would grill a younger person on their future, their goals, their schooling.  He tells her to grow up.  Stop wasting her life on him & focus on becoming her dream.  {{Unnie's opinion:  I think he's telling her how to get him.  He's telling her, I don't want a girl.  I want a woman, who is capable & mature & able to make decisions rationally.  That he needs her to become that person by following her plans & finish growing up into the amazing woman he knows she is going to be, if she'd just focus on herself, studying, learning, creating.  And stop following him around & mooning over him.  I think he's telling her exactly what she needs to do to get him.  Anyone agree?!?!}}

She tells him in return that dreams are important but that he is her fate.  He tells her love is important.  Then he asks her point blank, "Are you going to measure your worth only as somebody's lover?"  If its fate it'll happen, stop forcing it & focus on yourself!  Then he leaves her once again sobbing.  Sigh.  Anybody else getting tired of the run around on these two.  Maehri grow up!  Yoon relax & allow yourself to be happy.  They both need to compromise on the issue.  She can grow up & be in a relationship at the same time.  He can allow himself to be happy & teach her how to grow up at the same time.  It IS possible people!

The next day, Tae San needs Do Jin to go out of town for the weekend on business.  Do Jin reminds Tae San that he has a girlfriend now, so his weekends aren't just his anymore.  She is on her way to his office as they speak to show up like he asked her to in the list of how to have a one sided love.  On her way she is so cute, every girl she passes we see Yi Soo's hair change too.  First a bun, then those two side ponytails that the younger girls love to wear.  But all of them make her feel silly, so she goes back to her regular do.

Then she arrives & texts him that she is not far from his office.  When he asks her how far is far she asks him to look out the window.

Once inside his office his secretary explains that she knows all about Yi Soo.  He keeps making remarks about spending time together, going away on vacation which point she runs from the room & Do Jin makes me giggle with this look on his face.
I heart you Jang Dong Gun Oppa!

Jongmal jongmal saranghae!!

Instead though they are going to have dinner with Tae San & Se Ra.  At home, they are cooking up a storm for Yi Doo & Do Jin, but Tae San really wants to get married & is just flabbergasted that Se Ra really doesn't seem to be in the same place he is.  So he tells her that they shouldn't do this anymore, they should break up.  She thinks he's trying to tie her down & that once she gets married her days as a female pro golfer are over.   And he doesn't understand that she is afraid of losing her career, her freedom to pursue a career that is cutthroat & that he'll change her once they married.  It's all crap.  There is something going on there that is not clear to all of us, but she had to be traumatized in the past somehow or other, whether it was her own parents miserable lives, if they were in fact miserable.  I have no idea they tell me nothing about their parents in this show.  In BOF we got to know each eye candy's back story & tragic family story in depth.  In AGD it's almost never spoken of.  Like why does Yi Soo not want to speak to her mom?!?  What happened there??  Anyway the dinner is postponed & they each leave in their own directions.

Yi Soo & Do Jin arrive back there after all the fighting is over.  Do Jin you could be a detective. Just from a precursory glance around the room he could see that they had fought & left.  So he takes off his jacket & tells Yi Soo they should just make their own dinner.  She sees the jacket on the back of the chair & tells him to go put the jacket in her room or it will smell like cooking food.  She stays behind & starts organizing but then WAIT!  She JUST remembered!!  All of her sexy new lingerie is laid out neatly on display in her room on her bed for Do Jin to see.  She runs into the bedroom screaming at him to not look, uh sweetie way WAY too late.
I LOVE it when he tells her he likes the third one & she asks, "from the right or left?" And he's like there are only 5, total .  Duh Yi Soo, so its the one in the middle woman!  LOL

The other part I liked from this scene was when he, as she is pushing him from the room, is telling her he doesn't like garters & stuff, too complicated.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

 Yes please KDJ, Take ACTION!!  Please?!?!  {{giggle}}

There it is!  That's THE look!  That look that says, okay I won't say what it says to me.  But you can just see what he's thinking, can't you?  Or is just me that reads all the subtext into his deep stares?!?!  Ay-yi-yi-yi...

Okay calm again, ready to continue....

He gets a call, he heads back home & meets the guys.  Tae San is sad because Se Ra & he may actually be breaking up for good this time.  And they are discussing Jeong Rok's wife & her arrival at Yoon's office, with her official seal, to get divorced.  Jeong Rok seems to be oblivious & can't understand why no one believes him that he didn't actually do anything this last time.  Of course they have no idea it was Eun Hui & that she & he only talked & that he's not allowed to tell it was her that came.  Personally if it was me & my marriage hung in the balance I'd blab to anyone & everyone that would listen.  It's one thing to keep it to yourself.  it's another thing entirely when keeping that secret might ruin your entire marriage for good.  A real friend would never ask you to sacrifice your marriage just to keep their visit secret.

While the men are discussing Jeong Rok's history of infidelity Yi Soo is getting a phone call from the hospital.  My favorite thug student has been involved in an accident.  She arrives at the hospital & finds the following situation.  He's working a part time job to make ends meet, which is why he sleeps at school.  AND his boss is a not a nice woman.  In fact, he was on the job when he was injured & she's refusing to pay the hospital bill.  That is she was refusing until our Yi Soo came in & explained that as he is a minor & she didn't have a written contract with him giving his permission to work him so much that Yi Soo was going to report her for taking advantage of said youth.  That she owed him pay in full & would be paying his medical bills.  And so it was, cause as her student has learned you don't mess with Yi Soo.

The next morning we find the men all gathered once again at Yoon's office, arguing w/ Jeong Rok.  He's begging for help & they have all but washed their hands of him.  In fact, Do Jin, says if it weren't for these guys keeping JR around, he'd have been done with JR a long time ago.  They all basically think he's slime for hurting his wife over & over & not giving her any piece in their marriage.  Then we see his wife actually come up to the conveniently open door to the office & overhear the entire conversation.  She looks thoughtful & as if she's beginning to cave & feel sorry for her husband.

Then it forwards to JR's cafe & they all come in solemnly but it doesn't last long, before long they are congratulating themselves on stellar acting performances...hence my conveniently open door remark.  Yeah they set it up to look like they were trashing him & done with him, to save their businesses.  But just then they get a text message from Park Min Sook.  She congratulates them for their amazing performances as well.  Guess they ain't as good of actors as they seem to think they are.  I was so proud of her for seeing through it all.

Which leads to this funny moment of kissing up from the other 3.
Loaded with presents ready to grovel & beg for her forgiveness.  

Meanwhile Yi Soo has decided to fulfill another part of Do Jin's "How to have a one sided love" list.  She is making herself exceptionally pretty, including wearing the shoes, to surprise him at his apartment.  Wearing the new sexy undies to boot.  She arrives & he looks pleased to see her but he has his friends over & maybe he would have kicked them out, or maybe they'd have left on their own, we'll never know because just then someone steps up beside Yi Soo...

 It's none other than Collin.
And he introduces himself...'s that the look of a father to be?!?!

My suspicions lead me to believe that Do Jin is indeed the father of Collin, Eun Hui's son.
But I guess like you guys I'll have to wait to see what happens.  

And that dear AddiKts was the end of the episode.

What happened next?  Next AGD ep review will have to wait till tomorrow.  It's late & I need sleep.  More than you need the review.  Sorry.  I apologize for the delay but my youngest child turned 6 years old today, so today was filled w/ celebrating.  I'll get my last post up sometime tomorrow.  And I know Dongsaeng is working on her Dr Jin reviews too, I got to see the DRAFT sign next to her post on our blogger dashboard. And I cannot wait.  I love her reviews of that show.

I hope you had a great week & for our American viewers that you had a wonderful, safe, happy 4th of July w/ your family & friends.

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And with that I bid you a fond adieu.  Or you know in Korean...

AnnyeonGAHseyo...  QUICK: VoKab Lesson from TCA:  When bidding goodbye formally, put an emphasis on the GAH.  ONLY IF you are the one leaving the room.  ONLY if you are the one leaving everyone else first though.  Annyeong is the informal more common way but if you are speaking to your boss or elders or sunbaes AND IF you are the first one to leave the room then put an emphasis on the GAH in AnnyeonGAHseyo.


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