Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Lee Byung Hun!

As ahjummas ourselves, it's not often that we get an official OPPA to celebrate here on TCA, but today, well, today is a treat.

It's a treat best served with time.

Which is why it's a little belated.

Fully intentional.  Had nothing to do with both Unnie and Dongsaeng having crazy busy days in our crazy busy lives.  Nope.  Not at all.  o.O

:( Sorry we were late on your birthday greeting Lee Byung Hun.  We thought of you all day, honest we did.

We think you are incredibly hot, gorgeous, shexy and talented.

Speaking for myself, the only reason I just watched the first GI Joe movie and am looking forward so eagerly to the second is because of you.  You and only you.  They might as well just rename the movie Storm Shadow for you are the only thing of merit in the whole franchise.

And who can forget Iris?  Wow!  You are amazing in that!  If only the GI Joe watchers of the world could have seen you in that.  They're really missing out on catching the full spectrum of your talent when it is uninhibited by bad Hollywood writing.

And I just have to say, even at 42, man, you are looking good!  You've still got it.  And then some.  You've got it in spades.  Lots and lots and lots of spades.

So, to our true Oppa, we wish you a warm and wonderful happy birthday!  Keep on doing what you're doing and showing the world what a treat you truly are!

Saeng il Chuka Hamnida Lee Byung Hun! 


Unnie and Dongsaeng

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