Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kmuse's Musings: When Hot Guys Meet Bad Fashion

Earlier this week I was minding my own business, watching my shows as usual, when something truly horrible came to pass.  Now I have been noticing that this fashion has been the trend for a while and I have actually been tempted to post multiple times about my dislike for this article of clothing.  But due to time constraints from weekly recaps, I was never really able to truly rant like I wanted to.  But this was just too much.  They actually made Yoo Chun look (at least in my opinion) just so so attractive by putting him in the ugliest beige turtleneck/jacket combo.  Seriously?  What stupid stylists think that the turtleneck is attractive.  
Instead of seeing the gorgeous necks that these actors have painstakingly developed into work of art, they are covered in these horrible clothes.  Anything that detracts me from how pretty the guys are, is not something that I appreciate.  And it was not just in three days, for the last sixth months our favorite actors have been forced into these abominations.  As far as I can remember the first time (at least that I noticed) was in Heirs when Lee Min Ho adorned that huge blue turtleneck that looked like it was slowly trying to eat his head.  And I will be honest, it was Lee Min Ho so I still thought he looked gorgeous.  But I remember being really distracted by the sweater and not able to really take seriously his crying to his father/melo breakdown.  The clothes kept taking me out of the moment.
There has been a whole list of dramas that have followed Heir's stylists, like a pack of lemmings, into this disaster of a trend.  Can we Love, Golden Rainbow, 3 Days, My Love From the Stars, Beyond the Clouds, and A Secret Love Affair are a few that I remember just off the top of my head.
I don't understand how a country who has literally perfected the haircut, (seriously they must have close to a hundred different hairstyles for men's hair....which can tell you just what type of character a person is playing) cant figure out how to make men look better during winter.  There are always scarves which have worked in the past.  Or you could just tell the actors to suck it up and show a little skin for the fans despite the chill.  I am seriously missing the deep v tight t-shirt trend of a couple years ago. 
Or if nothing else put them in a well cut sweater (just without the neck) or sweatshirt.  I am not too picky.  There are a million options that could be a better fit.  But when you put someone who is supposed to be a tough, sexy, rebel agent and stick him in a beige shirt that leaves him looking like a ugly shirt with a head stuck on it (yes I am talking to you 3 days) you totally lose the sexy vibe.  When in doubt feel free to go towards black leather, as a fan/kdrama viewer, that is always appreciated.  Or if you are really having a problem, just stick them in a shower.  Because if there is one thing we all love, it is a random gratuitous shower scene.
In all fairness there was one exception to the turtlenecks make you look less sexy rule.  In Let's Eat I actually thought that Yoon Doo Joon rocked the look in episode 15 so I had to be sure and mention that one exception.  
But that is the ONLY exception that I can think of from the last year.  So look at him as an outlier and for all that is holy, stop putting our khotties in these horrible shirts.  Thankfully it is the end of winter, and if we are lucky, a lot more skin should start coming our way.  Cherry blossoms and less winter clothes make me a fan of spring, especially this year.  What are your least favorite kdrama/kpop fashion trends?  Be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page:)


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  1. I agree on all turtleneck points except Lee Min Ho. I loved that sweater on him I loved the contrast of the soft fuzzy fabric against his super pretty manliness. I totally would love to be back hugged by a guy wearing a sweater that cozy. I think that the problem is that a man needs to have a really strong manly jaw to make a turtleneck work. If it is cold they can just give them a sassy scarf much sexier. And yes to shower related fan service.

    1. I did not mind him in the sweater so much as the scene they chose to put him in the sweater in. It was a really emotional scene between him and his father but the sweater was such an eye catcher that it really pulled away from a moment that would have been stronger with a less loud outfit. Did that make sense?

    2. Totally makes sense. I was probably as distracted as you but not in a way that I minded. Mostly because I didn't really get into the heirs story. I was pretty much watching it for the attractive actors by episode 3.

  2. I totally agree about it all. Not only does Chunnie have on a turtleneck but he has on a Oxford shirt under the turtleneck. But I love him in those coats. Love love love him in the coats. LMH looks like an extraterrestrial in that blue sweater. No no no I no likey. The one point I disagree with is Il Woo in the black tight fitting turtleneck. In the collage, bottom row far right column. He is giving me life in that. Live it!!!

  3. I agree and it should be a rule. If the stylist wants to put our handsome meant in a turtle neck aka a "chinless wonder" shirt then for every one they put in we get an equally timed viewing of the random gratuitous shower scene. I say that is a fair trade for trying to stamp on our libidos.

    1. I totally love your thought process. Its only fair. LOL


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