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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - March Week 4

This week has actually been a very subtle week when it has come to kdramas.  A few started, a few ended, and one baby has stolen my heart (not that I would ever want another baby, even one with epic Elvis hair).  Come on in and check out the best of the week and reminisce about the scenes and babies that stole our hearts.
Song of the Week
MBLAQ - Be A Man
 I have slowly become a huge MBLAQ fan over the past year (don't know why it took me so long to try listening to their songs).  This first song from their new album has a mature slow R&B vibe and showcases their great vocals and smooth choreography.  Also I personally, am a huge fan of Thunder's new hair color, his pink phase was never my favorite.
#5 Father/Son Relationship in Bride of the Century.
We all know the stereotype of the rich Korean parent.  90% of the time they are greedy, mean, and anti anything that could provide their children with happiness. So it is a refreshing change to see such a different dynamic in Bride of the Century.  Choi Kang-Joo and his father have a relationship where they actually "talk" to each other.  I KNOW! Talking about important issues, what an odd thing to see in a kdrama.  I also love how supportive the dad is to his son following his heart regardless of where it leads him.  It just makes me saw AWWWWWW and earns the #5 spot on this weeks countdown.

#4 Celebration & Sadness
 We have a new drama debuting this week!  Wild Chives and Soybean Soup snuck into the currently airing kdramas without me knowing anything about it (those of you who have followed me for a while know that is rare).  But luckily I was able to slip the first two episodes in this week and I actually enjoyed them (although with 50 episodes there is still a lot of time for this drama to turn stale).  The scene that stood out for me was actually the opening segment of episode one.  It is 2002 (and for those of you who are new to kdramas, all that you need to know about 2002 is that it was soccer fan chaos in S. Korea because of the World Cup.)  All you saw was a sea of red and cheering Koreans, except in the hospital where Jang Kook's father had just passed away from a hit and run.  It was fascinating how the director accentuated the loneliness and sadness of our heroine among the loud cheering and excitement from everyone else around her.

#3 Jealous Ex-Husband Hijinks & 2nd Lead Pianist
 I have actually heard a lot of mixed feelings about episode 9 of Cunning and Single Lady.  I am actually one of those that is in the "I LOVE IT" camp.  But then again, I am always up for some over the top comedic moments.  One of the things that has been the plague of this drama (at least in my opinion) is that it just does not know whether it wants to keep things more realistic or go with the funnier over the top revenge comedy route.  A viewer could get backlash from the amount of times this show has jumped back and forth in its styles.  However, I thoroughly appreciated seeing Jung Woo revert to his geeky past as he totally throws all of his polish out the window and goes full out crazy jealous.  From competing in bonding work games to faking an injury to keep Ae Ra from being confessed to, his over the top actions kept me smiling through the whole episode.
Tied for #3 is another scene from the same episode (I know I know, but they both were so good I could not choose one and not the other).  Our second lead Kook Seung Hyun , who I am really starting to love, takes out Ae Ra on a work "date".  There he lets his confidence shine as he goes up to play the piano and does a fake out followed by Yiruma’s “River Flows In You.”(one of my favorite songs by the way).  I don't know about Ae Ra, but he totally won this ahjumma's heart and a substantial part of me would totally be ok with him getting the girl in the end.

Date that is not a date but really was a date clip:

#2 Cyber Anonymity
I was actually wondering how they were going to hook up the two leads in this drama.   But no worries because they introduced sexual tension and awareness in a brilliant fashion.  My husband is always teasing me that you never know who you are talking to online.  He likes to say that my kbestie Angela is some random dude pretending to be a housewife, usually right after he rolls his eyes about something kdrama related.  However, they actually did use that as a plot point in Secret Love Affair.  For those of you watching, Sun Jae and Hye Won had connected online (where Hye Won pretended to be a 25 year old male pianist in order to give him advice) in episode 1.  After his intense practice with Hye Won, Sun Jae gets online to gush to his "hyung" about the woman he met.  He expounds how this woman is impressive, charismatic and elegant and is going to help him get a scholarship.  Realizing that her online buddy is the boy she was just teaching, Hye Won is in the beginning amused and then shocked as the conversation turns more personal.  It seems that our budding genius is also "in lust" with her and he tells his friend that playing with her is the closest thing to sex that he has ever experienced.  Not to mention he now has a growing foot fetish due to her sexy feet.  HAHA  I thought it was a genius move for the writers to create sexual awareness for our older sophisticated lead, without having them constantly in each others presence.  Just a good scene all around.

Cyber Connection Clip:

#1 Fortune Cookies of Reconciliation
I have to admit that I am not one of those people that is "in love" with this drama.  I just don't like medical dramas.  I get so annoyed and frustrated with all the medical made up hoopla crap they throw in (and I am not a doctor but even I know that a lot of what they throw out as their medical jargon is totally dramatized and or made up).  But other then that 60% of the show, I actually enjoy it.  The dynamic between the main couple got much much better after the first 4 episodes and I am actually cheering for them now rather than cringing.  Yes, that secret kdrama magic of making me like someone I despised has happened again.  I also like that the show is seriously delving into what would happen if they did get back together and everything crashes and burns a second time.  They are taking a more mature and less impulsive dip into the relationship pool and I personally can appreciate the character growth that the show has provided.  In episode 18 Jin Hee has decided to give their love a second chance, just as Chang Min starts backpedaling away in order to allow her to meet a "better" man.  In order to get through his thick skull that she is interested she makes him a homemade batch of fortune cookies with cute sayings that related to their current situation.  I personally found that a very touching and unique moment in a show filled with medical cliches.  This drama is always at its best when it focuses on the characters outside of work and that is why this scene won my #1 spot this week.

Fortune Cookies of Love Clip:

Honorable Mention
BABY GOOK!!!!!!!
How flipping adorable is this baby.  It is as if Elvis was just reincarnated into the body of a 6 mth Korean baby boy.  I give props to casting, since the choice of this cutie was total genius.
And baby Gook closes out this weeks top moments in kdrama!  Be sure to check back over the next couple weeks because we have a whole slew of kdrama turnover.  Look forward to Gap Dong, Witch's Romance, Golden Cross, and Big Man all making their way onto the countdown.  I am also hoping that I will have some kind of recap inspiration since I am all rested up mentally and ready to do a weekly recap again.  And if you have not already checked them out, glance over at the new posts from Dongsaeng and Unnie, it is so great to see them back in the blogging world.  I have missed their witty musings. 


Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23
Ruby's Ring (counting it as a currently airing drama since it had never been subbed til now)
A Well Raised Daughter
Bride of the Century
Sly and Cunning Lady
A Secret Love Affair
Empress Ki
Golden Rainbow
Inspiring Generation
Emergency Couple 
Beyond the Clouds/Full Sun
Ghost Seeing Detective CheoYong
Wonderful Days 

Three Days
Cubic - Thailand Drama
God's Gift: 14 Days
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard

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