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King of High School Episode 12 - The War of the Noona

As I finished episode 12 this week I was all ready to immediately blog about it.  So many feelings, so much love, so much I wanted to say to the kdrama universe out there the second I was done.  But I thought to myself "I will walk the dog real fast before I start blogging so I have time to get my thoughts together".  BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.  I won't go into great detail but let us just say that my 90 lbs dog dashed after a cat and I was not able to keep up and ended up straining my shoulder.  It has been several days and still in pain, but I will focus on my love for Seo In Guk to work my way through this blog post.  It is the unspoken code of the fangirl.
But back to what is really important.  The AMAZING episode that made me laugh, brought me to tears, and then mixed it up with some happy tears.  There were so many feels in this episode that days later it is hard to even begin describing how wonderful this episode was.  To put it in context, I have watched over 5000 episodes in my drama watching career and this episode would easily make it into my top 5 best episodes of all time.   It was a mix of the writers hitting the right note of humor combined with heart wrenching emotions and Seo In Guk's best performance to date.  He not only played the character Min Seok, but truly became one to where it did not feel like I was watching a drama, but instead glimpsing into someones real life.  Describing this episode and doing it justice is a feat that I just can not accomplish, so after reading my recap, I suggest you go and watch it ASAP.  Or if you have already watched it, then view it again, since the ending was truly a work of art and deserves to be appreciated.
The tension between Jin Woo and Min Seok is actually dissolved pretty fast as Soo Young chucks them both out saying that this type of behavior does not fly in small towns like hers.  They postulate yet again as they leave and poor Min Seok ends up stepping in a puddle as he avoids Jin Woo's car.  Hahahaha  we see yet again that Min Seok literally can not stop being sexy as he proceeds to rain curses upon Jin Woo's receding headlights.  I seriously wonder how Seo In Guk manages to become sexier as this drama goes forward.  His shoulders and arms are a work of beauty.
Soo Young decides (with a little bit of prodding from Min Seok) to come back to work since she is a modern and mature woman and can of course separate her personal and work life.   She attempts to implement a new relationship between Min Seok and herself, ordering him to call her noona (older sister) from now on whenever they are alone.  Needless to say, Min Seok was not a fan and refused.  We get an adorable segment where she haunts him all around the office demanding that he call her Noona.  HAHAHA  He finally agrees only when she threatens to quit but turns it around on her demanding how calling her noona makes his love any less real.  
Just when I think that we are in the clear and gearing up for a lot of cute hijinks during the rest of the episode, the writers pull the rug out from under my expectations and despair hits.  In this case it was in the form of Min Seok being involved in a hockey accident, receiving surgery, and then finding out that his athletic career is over.   Now I know that just written out it seems like a lot of melo themed cliche's that you could find in many dramas, however Seo In Guk's interpretation of his character going through the despair was truly inspired.  You felt every emotion and cried along with his character as Min Seok went through the grief of losing his dream as well as having to hide his sorrow in front of his loved ones.  
I even loved how Min Seok put on a fake facade for his grandfather and father, comforting them and pretending to be all right even when he really wasn't.  The heart that was put into the karaoke scene brought tears to my eyes a second time.
The writers have done a wonderful job in writing Yoo Ah's reactions and character development.  For once I don't detest the second lead and actually feel that her reaction to the situation are very on point for those of a teenage girl.  I know that it has been a while, but what I remember about being a teenager is that you always are focused on how events effect you first, and then any other fallout second.  Yoo Ah's first reaction when finding out her "boyfriend" is really her sister's boyfriend is to attack and be upset, but slowly throughout this episode we see her realize how upset Min Seok and her sister really are.  It might be very grudgingly, and mostly because Min Seok is literally falling apart, but she finally does give Soo Young permission to go be with Min Seok.  It is very selfless which makes me like her all the more and someday once those pesky hormones settle down, she is going to be one awesome female character in her own right.
The simplicity of Min Seok's and Soo Young's reunion was truly one of the most beautiful and romantic kdrama moments.  Soo Young upon finding out about Min Seok's accident, and what that means to his future, rushes to the school.  When Min Seok comes out of the front gates he finds Soo Young waiting with her arms open wide.  She tells him that it will be all right and that whatever his name is, whatever his age, she loves him.  I SERIOUSLY BAWLED SO MUCH DURING THIS SCENE (not only the first time, but also the second time I watched it).  You could literally feel Min Seok begin to breath again once he was in Soo Young's arms and I truly declare this one of my all time most romantic moments.  I can't wait to see where we go next week and I wonder what the next obstacle will be.  Be sure to join me so we can find out together.
As an added bonus for being patient and waiting for my recap to finally be posted, please enjoy the preview for episode 13!  It looks like it will be full of couple cuteness.
Episode 13 Preview
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