Friday, August 7, 2015

I Remember You ep 14: Psst, I hate to tell you this, but your brother, as hot and adorable as he is, is CrAzY

Next-to-last week of this drama. Can I get a collective "awww man!"? And, in true next-to-last week tradition, we get some crazy fun in this episode as things ramp up towards our finish line. What will we ever do without a weekly dose of Seo In Guk, the man who defies logic and gets hotter and hotter every single minute of this drama? I don't know how I'll be able to go on and live a normal SIG-free life. Or Park Bo Gum-free for that matter (he's the guy that plays Min).
Good news is that I just noticed, in looking up his profile to see just how dirty of an old woman I am for crushing on this baby cake (pretty bad by the way - not illegal, but not something to brag about to my friends either), that he has been cast in upcoming drama Reply 1988 as the 2nd lead, so yay! My wait for his lovely face won't be too long. Thank goodness. I adore him. In a non-creepy platonic way of course.... >.> But I digress and delay what we are all actually here for, so, without further drooling ado, let's recap this episode!

These People Need to Work on Their Parties: Presents, Bodies, Guns, Cake and Awkward Dinners
It almost sounds like the opening of a bad joke - a guy and a girl sit down to dinner with two psycho killers and a cop walks in.... But that part comes later. First, we get to celebrate Ji An's birthday. As we saw in 13, it starts out pleasant enough until a "special" gift arrives - clues that lead to the discovery of her father's bones. When we left her, she had anger in her eyes, a gun in her hands, and targets set on Dr Death and revenge. When 14 opens though, instead of taking that gun to end Dr Death's deathly reign of terror, she ends up in Hyeon's arms. She's crying and having a breakdown as he wraps those manly, strong, cake-decorating arms around her and holds her tight. After calming down, she decides that she wants to see Dr Death's face after his "gifting her" of her father's remains and so she plans to bring him the cake that Hyeon has made for her (Hyeon baked for her!) (it reminds me of the line in the movie Clueless where the gay BFF says, "oh honey, you baked!", only hotter because it's SIG, and, unlike Cher and her friend in the movie, this guy actually likes her in "that way").

You Didn't Like My Present?
Hyeon and Ji An show up at Dr Death's house where he and Min are, cake in hand. As they make small talk, Ji An mentions how her father's remains have been located. Dr D of course thinks that this is great news indeed as Ji An can get closure and let her cruel hope die. Two interesting points to mention here. One, Hyeon catching Min with a little grin and looking concerned.

Two, hints that Ji An's dad might not have been the stand-up guy she remembers him being. At least not from where Joon Yeong was sitting in his cell.

My guess is that he was cruel to the inmates, or at least Joon Yeong. We know Joon Yeong doesn't kill randomly. He picks his targets based upon their sleaziness/crimes. Sorry Ji An, I hate to be the one to break this to you. Good thing I don't have to. That's what Dr D is around for. The idea that people have a second side to them and that those closest to someone can't always see that second, i.e. dark, side as clearly is presented. And methinks we're not supposed to just be thinking about Ji An's dead daddy here....

Through their whole discussion, Ji An puts on a smiley face, even as she silently vows to arrest Dr Death/Joon Yeong. After they leave, we see that Dr D is legitimately surprised that she didn't like the 'present' he sent her. And we really see just how differently he reasons and thinks. And how well Min understands him.

Dirty Cop and His Stabby Ways
We've long suspected that somewhere on the Special Investigation Team there was some nefarious goings on going on and a cop that liked to dance with the dark side. For a while now, our attentions have been turning in one specific direction, and now we learn why. Little Cutie turns all murder-y when he stabs Adopt-a-Mom, the Planning Officer. She has the file with Joon Yeong's true fingerprints that had been switched years ago. The guilt has gotten to her and so she plans on coming clean and revealing who Joon Yeong is today. She's shocked herself when she discovers for herself that Joon Yeong is Dr Death and has been hanging around a long, long time, undetected. Before she can blow the whistle on him and herself though, she finds herself at the business end of a knife being wielded by Cop Cutie. Apparently he's paying off a debt owed to Joon Yeong for rescuing him from hell. Hell that was probably the orphanage he was at, though we don't get the full deets on that yet.

Sins of the Father
Team Leader has picked up on enough clues to send him seeking out his father for answers. He figures out that Daddy Dearest is somehow connected to all this mess. Dad comes clean and admits that he helped Adopt-A-Mom cover up her involvement in Joon Yeong's escape. He was the one responsible for framing Ji An's dad in an effort to take the spotlight off of the police and redirect attentions elsewhere in the investigation. I have a hard time believing that that was all the guy did, but at this point, that's what he's confessing to, so we'll just have to go with that for now. Poor Team Leader doesn't take the news of his father's dirty deeds very well. His friend, and crush, has been hurt deeply through it all and he feels the burden of it personally - he's inherited his father's sins as he puts it. Tragic. All of it. Every last bit. These peoples' lives kinda suck.

Ji An's Number
This is the part where I interrupt the doom and gloom and sad stuff with a little douse of happy - Ji An and Hyeon and their burgeoning relationship. I mentioned already that he baked her a birthday cake. Adorable! Then there was the chair sleepover.

Precious! And then came the number. Remember how Hyeon was covering up his little "she's my most precious person" slip in the last episode by assigning everyone a number or score? Most of the SI team scored a 15 out of 100. Ji An got a "15 plus Alpha", whatever that means. Well, our girl wanted to know what that meant too, so she asks him. And the answer is enough to make anyone squee and 'awww!'. The alpha, put succinctly (and not just because most of the explanation was missing subtitles), means that her value is immeasurable, like dividing by zero. Impossible to calculate. I want to be someone's SIG's 15 plus Alpha too!

Min, Oh Min, Please Don't Be So Scary

Hyeon, as much as he probably doesn't want to see it, can't help but notice his brother's "quirks", those moments where the monster inside shows itself. Trying to be the good brother that we know him to be, he follows Ji An's advice and goes to fetch his brother from the psycho's house and has him move in with him. I don't think Dr Death appreciated that very much. He didn't seem completely on board with Min leaving him. He has a convoluted sense that Min is his family. He raised him. We'll have to wait to see how that whole dynamic plays out as we move forward.

The brothers have plenty of moments of sweet bonding, like Hyeon blow drying Min's hair just as he did when they were boys. Then they have those moments where Min's inner monster is impossible to ignore. Min has never denied who he was. He hasn't shrunk back from his crimes. He's very forthcoming and matter-of-fact about them. He doesn't recognize that he has done anything wrong. In his reasoning, he was saving people and righting wrongs. But I think on some level, he absolutely recognizes that he is inherently evil and even goes as far as to try to remind Hyeon of that fact.

Hyeon thinks he can 'big brother' the evil out of him - that by showing love and compassion, that Min will turn it around and become a good guy. That being said, I can only imagine that Hyeon, as intelligent a man as he is and one that has long studied psychology and the sociopaths of the world, probably most likely knows that this is a fool's dream and impossible. But by gum, he's gonna try anyway. Bless his poor deluded giant heart.

And, as much as I wish it weren't true, Min is scary. He is a monster. He always has had that tendency. His brain has been wired differently from the start. Being raised by a psychopath didn't help, I'm sure, but it was already there. Young Hyeon saw it and recognized it. Adult Hyeon also sees it, but is more hesitant to recognize it. I sat through the part where Hyeon was telling Min about the Planning Officer's responsibility in Joon Yeong's escape and her subsequent murder just wanting to cry as Min got super scary, calmly saying that she deserved it and that he wouldn't have let her die so comfortably. He didn't say this out of rage or anger. There was no 'passion of the moment' involved here. He was cool and calm and calculated and truly believed that she deserved to die for what she did.

Then there was the part with the cards that he had sent Hyeon with each killing. Hyeon can't figure out/remember what they could mean, and Min refuses to tell him in order to protect him, telling him that it is best if he doesn't remember.

Breaks my heart to see a hottie with a sweet heart but twisted mind.

I Pity the Fool
Let's touch on Joon Yeong here. It has been so easy to demonize this guy all along, even after knowing his sad, tragic story. This episode had me feeling even more pity for him though as we got to see a yearning in him for meaningful human connection. He truly wanted to help Ji An by giving her closure in regards to her father. He even protected her from the truth of who her father was as a man. He gets genuinely sad when Min leaves to live with Hyeon and admits that he wants the three of them to live together like a family - an uncle and his two nephews.

He even shows up at Hyeon's house with crock pot in hand so that they can all sit and enjoy a meal together. A very awkward meal that includes Team Leader showing up and asking the identity of Joon Yeong as everyone there at the table tries to play it cool like they have no idea that Joon Yeong is sitting right there. An awkward meal that ends in everyone but Min getting a call/text about the Planning Officer's murder.

We see Joon Yeong walking and talking with the girl that used to be kind to him growing up imprisoned in his home - the girl who he let live when he slaughtered the entire household. The man's story is so sad and depressing that I can't help but pity him. It's making it really hard to hate him right now. Darn him!

I wonder if we are to be seeing that there is a difference between him and Min. Joon Yeong grew up locked away with no attention or love? From the time he was born, he was hated, simply because he was the unfortunate product of rape. The child did nothing wrong, yet he paid the ultimate price. He was abused and never knew love. Was he born evil or did he learn it? Then there's Min. Min who had a loving home. Father, mother, big brother. Min who was all smiles and adored his big brother more than anything. Min who, despite the love he received, had a dark side. A dark side his brother covered up and paid the price for. Hyeon was blamed for the things Min did. The monster that dad saw in Hyeon was a result of Hyeon covering up his little brother's actions. So yes, surprising as it may be, I feel an intense sense of pity and heartbreak for Joon Yeong and his tragic life and hope that his ending isn't so sad, even after all the bad he has done. Darn it all! Why can't good guys be all good and bad guys be all bad? Why you gotta muddy up the waters and make me feel bad that I want this murdering duo to get a happily ever after?

Going along with learning more about Joon Yeong's life, we learn from Min that there are others. Other kids that, like himself, Joon Yeong has "rescued". Dude's got an entire army of little killers out there it would seem. He's like the Pied Piper of unfortunate, abused children. He finds them and saves them, an act of saving his younger self repeatedly, though his methods may not be quite above board. Or so we assume. We don't know the full extent of his influence on these children, but we do know that our Cutie Cop was one of them and he feels the need to pay his debt by killing a coworker, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe Joon Yeong's influence on these kids maybe isn't in line with say, The Boys and Girls Club or Big Brother/Big Sister organizations. Man, right about now I'm thinking, "this is really good writing of a story". It just is. How can one love and hate these psycho killers so much?

Fixated on proving that Dr Death is Joon Yeong, Ji An's attentions wander back to the mystery door at his house that he wouldn't let her go in. She wants to know what secrets he hides behind that door. So, despite Hyeon's insistence that she never go check it out alone, and despite my yelling at the screen to not be an idiot, she jumps at the first opportunity to sleuth. A phone call with Hyeon lets her know that he and Dr D are hanging out drinking together. Seeing this as her opportunity, she heads in. There's not much to be found in this room. Its pretty empty. There is, however, a photo album on a desk. A photo album filled with pictures of children. Are these children he "rescued" over the years? Victims of his murders? What? Who are they and why does he have their pictures in his possession? She quickly grabs a couple of photos out of the book and sneaks out.

Again with the Scrape - Why Don't You Listen?
As Ji An sneaks out of the forbidden room at Dr Death's house, she is caught by Min. Grinning Min. Grinning Min scares me. Ji An frustrates me. Why is she always getting herself into these situations?

I Know Who You Are
Knowing that his girlfriend is an idiot that is sneaking around the psycho's house, Hyeon tries to stall Dr Death. Of course, Dr D sees right through this. The guy is a self-proclaimed genius at reading people after all. It's not too hard to see. Guy gets phone call that obviously upsets him and then guy starts acting funny and stalling. Thankfully though, Dr D isn't the only genius around. Hyeon's got a few tricks up his sleeve as well. Can't fool the psycho with your average stalling techniques, so instead, you break out the big guns. Guns big enough to effectively distract him and throw him off the scent. Guns like, "I know who you are". Oh yeah. He did. He laid it right out there in the open. They've all been dancing around it for some time now, but now it comes out. Hyeon tells Dr Death that he's 99% sure that he is Joon Yeong and he only needs that 1% to confirm.

He's been grasping for some time now with a vague memory - some way of identifying Joon Yeong. Some secret he knows about that has been forgotten in his memory lapse. A ghost of a memory just taunting him. Well, tonight's the night that memory is restored. Just as he did back when Hyeon was a kid, Joon Yeong takes his hand and places it on the side of his neck where he has no pulse. Bingo! The smoking gun! The thing that is undeniably unique to Joon Yeong and proves without a doubt that he is one in the same. Those fingerprints may have gone missing in the murder of the Planning Officer lady, but here is physical evidence literally being placed in Hyeon's open hand by the man himself. But, now what? Where do we go from here? I mean, sure, it's a fairly significant reveal, but really, was there truly any doubt before this? Hyeon already knew he was Joon Yeong. Sure, now he has that evidence to actually use against him, assuming that it is usable. I mean, can a lack of a pulse even be used as evidence in a trial? Is it indisputable enough? I get the significance of the moment, but yeah, what comes next? Where do we go from here?

He's Crazy Hot When He's Mad (or anything else)
You know, just for the record.

Anyone else in this part wanted to yell at the screen for him to take it off?

I can't believe we are already at this point. Only two episodes remain of this drama. That honestly went really, really fast. I am anxious to see how it all wraps itself up. We already know that Ji An plans on arresting Min for his crimes, though she does hope that he turns himself in, which I'm sure will be better for all involved. If they even think of turning it into a situation where Hyeon has to choose between brother or girl, I will freak out. And if any one of them dies, well, I just can't even tell you the hell there will be to pay for that atrocity. Seriously, there better darn well be a freaking happy ending to this thing or I will lose my stuff. If anything, I better be seeing a fast-forward to where crimes have been paid for, counseling sought, and reunions and brotherly bromances allowed to flourish without further hindrances. Everyone and everything gets fixed and they all live happily ever after. The end.

What do you think my chances of getting what I want are here?

Probably shouldn't answer that.


  1. I'm just going to continue seeing Min as baby Dexter LOL Although the odds of MIN having to choose between his bro & Dr. Death are high, in my opinion. As are the odds of Min dying to save his brother (after delivering the death blow to Dr. Death, of course)...

  2. First thing i realize about the lost in thought scene was... Wait is he un uttonning n buttoning himself on repeat... Like serious how can it look so effing natural yet a fan service at the same timeeeeeeeeeeee gaaaaah. Been a fan of inguk... But this drama... Its like he gets better looking after each episode. I mean other dramas at least his looks are consistent

  3. i was thinking, say if ever Min was acted by Min Seung Wook, and not Park Bo Gum, even if MSW is able to act his pathetic brother part well, do you think the huge wave of Bromance Hailings will be so deafening? likewise, while i believe LJY's sins should be paid to the very last dot, like Ji-An said, no one has the right to kill even someone whom you think has sinned against many.
    was glad that you pointed out that while Min was sheltered by dad's ignorance over his borne Hyde brewing nature, and also covered up by Hyun's sacrificed in his place, our Senior Hyde LJY wasn't really borned into such. in fact he was whipped n left to rot into Hyde-state. He has absolutely no-one to sympathized with from Day One of his life, without proper education or friendship, a normal kid will turn nuts, moreover, someone gifted with higher intelligence n self-awareness, he was a passive Hyde. while Min was a self-willed Hyde, Min killed animals even before LJY kidnapped him. while i don't believe that LJY should be given a Lecter in Silence of the Lamb treatment, that he definitely shouldnt be left to enjoy retirment in Europe or Jeju,... i will not hope he meet a cold blooded ends... let's just hope he realised n show some regrets that he killed Ji-An n Hyun's dad, and truly apologise to them, and end his days in life sentence. as for Min, he better realised that even the most "sinful" person in our eyes, deserved to be left to die in the God's given timing, no one has the right to punish any by death, else Min will be a time bomb beside Hyun, and may even threaten Hyun's future relationship with his future wife (be it Ji-an or not). happy endings to me, isn't just jail or death, but the "evil" persons realised his sins, and the righteous ones forgive him (them), and let the Law of the Land judges the evil ones. Forgiveness rewards the one who bestow on others.


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