Monday, August 31, 2015

Siwon Makes Big Impression in His Character Teaser & Stills for "She Was Pretty"

"She Was Pretty" is set to air in three weeks and we are getting the first glimpses of our cast slowly but surely. Today's stills and teaser are all about Siwon!  **there is the 2nd lead girl as well, but she was slightly overshadowed**  Wonderfully cheesy, over the top, Siwon which just happens to be my favorite type of Siwon.  Give me extreme funny over his action dramas any day.

He laughs, I laugh.  He cries, I laugh.  Seems like a win win for me.

Siwon will be playing a fashion editor in this drama and judging from the stills he is going to be gloriously funny.

"She Was Pretty" will air on September 16th following "Scholar Who Walks the Night."


  1. I want to be completely on board!!! I miss him so much in dramas! But what is this drama about again?

    1. A girl who was pretty when she was young goes ugly in her teens, and a boy that was ugly as a kid goes pretty as he ages. They meet and fall in love. Siwon is 2nd lead.

  2. As if being my UB wasn't enough . . . . This man is bound and determined to kill me from his adorkableness. I am so over Scholar, and I'm waiting on baited breath for She Was Pretty to air.

  3. Omona!!!...Siwon so adorkable! and yet so manly!!!...i am being so excited with the drama to think the lead is Park Seo Joon....but i think being Siwon around will get me more hook and excited with this drama...will Siwon outshines Park Soe Joon here????it's hard to choose when both of your bias is in!


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